Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What I’m Watching: GCB

GCB: Season 1, Episode 5 “Forbidden Fruit” (C+)

Though previously this show had been all about the women and each of their spouses, here Carlene and Cricket were separated from their better halves and relegated to some mischievous and ultimately unsuccessful blackmail. In the wake of Bitsy’s death, it didn’t take long for Gigi and Burl to hook up, as Gigi unwisely opted to stay in Dallas to explore their relationship rather than jet off to Paris. Carlene looking through a telescope to spy on them was a bit literal, and her eager desire to convert those non-Christians from Andrew’s company was somewhat alarming. Heather did a great job asking Andrew for help and landing Sheryl Crow as the event’s featured artist, managing to raise three million dollars easily. Sharon’s time spent with Pastor John was entertaining, but it’s good that it’s come to an end now that Zach finally manned up and took responsibility for his family and for disciplining his troublesome son Bozeman, who managed to hook up with Cricket’s daughter Alexandra, who wasn’t quick to protest the romance. Amanda’s latest romance started rather peculiarly, and of course she would end up entangled with Carlene’s younger brother, something that bothered Carlene enough for her to try to end it immediately by blackmailing Amanda. While I’d argue that Luke bringing Amanda to Boobylicious on a date is rather suspicious, he does seem to be a nice guy, and it looks like he’s not headed anywhere, judging by the kiss he planted on Amanda after flirting with her for the entirety of the episode.

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