Thursday, April 5, 2012

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 1, Episode 19 “Secrets” (B+)

So the cat’s out of the bag, and Schmidt and Cece’s relationship is no longer a secret. The reactions from everyone were highly entertaining, starting with Nick’s back sweat and Jess’ entirely negative response. Opening the episode with Schmidt hidden in the couch was fun, and I had such secrecy might persist for a while. This is perfectly fine, of course, and I like how Jess realized that Cece didn’t tell her because she actually likes Schmidt. Though Schmidt claims that they’re just having fun, I imagine that he too has sincere feelings for Cece too, which he’ll soon realize after much bickering, teasing, and wild sex. Nick’s efforts to become more like Schmidt after sleeping with so many twenty-one-year-old girls were predictably ridiculous, and I enjoyed having both girls come in and fight over the scarf. His performance during the charity run in which he was able to convince two roommates that he had actually cared about them and had valid excuses for not calling them back was extremely unexpected and impressive. Leave it to Winston to make the peace by flipping out because it was Saturday morning, and he did a good job calling out each person on their faults. Jess donning a ski mask because she found out that her male roommates had all thought about her while self-pleasuring was rather hilarious, and I still think that this show has established one of the most fantastic dynamics among its core characters. They’re entirely funny, likeable, and endearing.

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