Monday, April 16, 2012

What I’m Watching: The Finder

The Finder: Season 1, Episode 9 “The Last Meal” (B+)

This episode was cleverly constructed, starting with the client as he and his wife attempted to celebrate their anniversary with their favorite meal at their favorite restaurant but were interrupted by an unexpected closure and some scary shooting. Walter’s immediate excitement at taking on the assignment of finding a meal was fun, though his lack of consideration for Joe’s feelings and for hearing his story, a quality shared by Willa, wasn’t terribly kind. Walter asking Leo for a legal disclaimer before breaking in and then purposely ignoring it unsurprisingly led to Walter getting thrown in jail, and it’s entertaining to see him so casually accept his fate. He did a great job of connecting Willa’s parole officer to Isabel to solve multiple problems at once. Waving to Willa as she was being booked was, as usual, extremely goofy, but that’s always what seems to happen here. The dinner party at gunpoint was a blast, especially since Walter ruined Isabel’s attempt to call for help, though he does get credit for organizing the big meal in the first place. It turns out that Leo was the one who managed to save the day by drawing up a (questionably) legally-binding agreement that made all parties happy, managing to reestablish the restaurant and give the cook his old job back while, most importantly, sparing the lives of all present at the fateful meal. I liked the ending of the episode, showing Walter and Isabel discuss, in their own veiled manner, their relationship and just what they mean to each other.

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