Monday, April 2, 2012

What I’m Watching: Awake

Awake: Season 1, Episode 5 “Oregon” (B)

I’m pleased to report that this episode was markedly better than those that have preceded it, and this show could well be headed in a positive direction. Megan Dodds’ Agent Santoro helped to spice up the usual blood around the precinct, and she definitely didn’t think fondly of Michael. It may have been a bit far-fetched that Michael was implicated as a potential copycat killer and taken into custody, but the fact that he was so immediately released by his partner needs to be overlooked also. What was truly interesting about Agent Santoro’s appearance was that she was from Portland, just as Hannah was seriously considering a move to Portland. The fact that it’s not spelled out which came first, and whether one is simply an extension of the other, is so interesting, and I liked Michael’s assertion that this is how things are and he’s not looking to change them. Prioritizing one universe over the other makes sense given that Michael’s search for the real killer was the more worthwhile of the two worlds, and, just like last time, he netted an important clue from one reality and brought it over with him to the other. The killer’s call at the end of the episode was appropriately haunting, and it’s reassuring, at least somewhat, to see someone confirm that Michael’s existence is legitimate, even if no one else believes him and he can’t possibly explain it to them. It’s better that it’s not a regular character, but it may give Michael some solace to know that at least one person doesn’t think he’s completely crazy.

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