Friday, April 27, 2012

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 1, Episode 22 “Tomatoes” (B+)

It’s strange to see everyone except for Nick in a relationship at the start of the episode, though more than one of those pairings had a tough time throughout the course of the half hour. Nick’s desire to plan tomatoes and put up a scarecrow rather than date women was entertaining, and his frustration with Winston’s nonstop references to his perfect relationship with Shelby was understandable. Nick and Winston do make a great miserable pair, and their recollections of past misadventures were amusing. Calling Caroline was definitely not the way for Nick to handle his misery, and I enjoyed how Jess and Nick started shaking their rear ends at each other as a way of competing for who was right. Jess trying to be mean and rough with Russell didn’t work out too well, and Russell and Uli sure went at each other when they were put at the same dinner table. I didn’t expect that a disagreement over passion would lead to their demise, but it had to happen somehow. Cece’s dismissal of Schmidt following her pregnancy scare led to his unfortunate pairing with Nadia, who did not treat him gently at all, putting him in the hospital with a broken penis. Winston’s efforts to excite him were hilarious, particularly because they were, predictably, odd things. The funniest monologue, however, was Nadia’s, as she described the many things about America that she loved, especially Mick Mouse. I’m so glad that Cece confessed to Schmidt that she likes him, expressing her continued horror at that fact.

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