Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Round Two: Crashing

Crashing: Season 1, Episode 2 “The Road” (B-)

I don’t find this show particularly appealing, but there is something about it which manages to be entertaining. When we saw T.J. Miller as the other comedian going on in Albany with Artie, I wasn’t sure who he would be playing, and it turns out that he was playing himself. This show could become a weekly parade of different well-known comedians providing a couch for Pete to stay on, but I think that Artie is meant to be a regular and will stick around. As usual, the stand-up comedy routine parts of a show about a comedian represent its best parts, since Pete Holmes is more comfortable in front of the microphone than acting around other people. That makes him very awkward in other scenes, purposely of course, but it’s not very appealing. To me, the notion that he was so happy with Miller’s brief words of encouragement and his $250 check give this show a real sense of optimism and personality, but it’s not found consistently throughout the entirety of the episode. Gina Gershon showed up to play someone other than herself, a woman looking for a nice night on the town who was foolish enough to unleash pepper-spray in a closed car so that she suffered just as much as Pete did. Their home encounter was difficult to watch, and I do wish that, if Pete was still going to be obsessed with his wife, Lauren Lapkus was given the chance to appear and help enhance this show. I think I’m okay not revisiting this one.

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