Saturday, March 25, 2017

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 2, Episode 16 “Star-Crossed” (B-)

I didn’t find this episode to be all that great, mainly because, once again, characters jumped to conclusions and assumed that personalities had changed overnight when that couldn’t be further from the case. Yes, it’s true that Mon-El lied to Kara about who he was, but that’s also because Daxomerites and Kryptonians apparently really hate each other. I didn’t recognize Teri Hatcher, famous for her own part in a Superman series, at the end of the last episode, and if I hadn’t seen her name before Kevin Sorbo’s in the credits I may not even have recognized her. It’s a fun idea to have the likes of Hatcher, Dean Cain, Lynda Carter, and Laura Vandervoort take on guest roles on this show, but this was the most lackluster such spot thus far. I’m not sure the whole plotline added much, other than leading to Kara’s breakup with Mon-El, which was immediately followed by the appearance of yet another otherworldly disruptor to trap Kara in a trance of sorts and lead to the very exciting end titles declaring that this story would be continued on “The Flash,” an unexpected but welcome crossover just a few months after the last CW multi-show event. Lyra turning into a con woman felt like it came from out of nowhere, and of course she was just doing it for her kidnapped younger brother, a device that seems to be used very often. Let’s hope a visit to Earth-One will help improve the quality once this show picks back up next week.

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