Saturday, March 11, 2017

What I’m Watching: Homeland

Homeland: Season 6, Episode 7 “Imminent Risk” (C-)

I’m not sure at what point this show became a melodrama about parental custody, with unfortunate undertones of government conspiracies at work. Anyone who followed this show regularly from its beginning knows that there are serious concerns about Carrie being a mother, and the things she did when Franny was first born are definitely cause for a court to rule against her having custody. The way that she tried to explained away sleeping next to her daughter with a loaded gun in her hands and having Quinn in the house only made things worse since Franny being immediately removed from the home was very jarring and might have been stricken down. Carrie calling Keane as a lifeline was received very poorly since she did go straight to the top and was told just how inappropriate it was, and that’s why the subsequent reveal that Dar had made it happen by reporting her made me mad. He’s manipulating everything now, sending Astrid to protect Quinn and make sure that he didn’t get himself into trouble, and that took up way too much of the episode. The only actual drama related to national security was Saul being questioned about his visit to the West Bank and trying to track down Majid. I didn’t personally need to watch fingernails ripped off someone’s hand to understand that this Iranian puppet isn’t a good guy, and his execution of the man who saved him proved. This show needs to refocus itself and pick up the pace in the right way to retrieve any semblance of quality.

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