Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What I’m Watching: Billions

Billions: Season 2, Episode 2 “Dead Cat Bounce” (B+)

If Axe got intense with his back against a wall, Chuck may have one-upped him. Facing his imminent firing, he tasked his team, who were rightfully suspicious of the directions, to find an unwinnable case to keep him from losing his job. That didn’t work, of course, but he was still ready with a backup plan to ensure that he was crucial and unable to be dismissed. Even though he was told that all he bought was time, he’s now going back in guns blazing, ready to reassert himself. Turning down his father’s gift of an expensive ring to give to Wendy to save both his trust and his marriage was a sign that he’s not going to fall into the same traps he has in the past, and he’s not giving up. Going after Eric Bogosian’s Lawrence Boyd is interesting, especially considering his friendship with Axe, though apparently it’s not the strongest business alliance given how Axe reacted when he came to him for help. Taylor is becoming quite the major character, impressing Axe in a big way as he dismissed their gender fluidity and agreed to a weekly salary for twenty-four-seven work. Another new employee at Axe is really something, and that’s the new Wendy, Gus, who is incredibly harsh and unsubtle. He proved to be helpful to Wags, just saying his name and getting the guys he was baiting to back down and apologize. With these new star workers, Axe is loading up for another comeback of his own, paving the way for another furious round of competition between these two men.

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