Thursday, March 9, 2017

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 3, Episode 14 “Attack on Central City” (B)

This episode was a definite improvement over the one that came before it, but that’s only because gorillas were featured for just half the hour rather than the entire thing. It was an interesting idea to have Gypsy and Cisco bring Solovar to Earth-1 to stop Grodd and take his army back to Earth-2 since he was never interested in trampling humanity in the way that his top mutineer wanted to. Not killing Grodd, ethical as it might be, hardly seems like the smartest plan, but I’m going to hope that STAR Labs is more than capable of holding him and ensuring that he doesn’t get out to wreak more havoc. There were some important relationship developments in this hour, as Harry told Wally that he was sick to get him to back off the idea of Jesse staying on Earth-1, something his daughter reacted to very negatively when she found out. I liked seeing Gypsy again, and she left quite the mark on Cisco when she kissed him and told him that he couldn’t handle her. I do look forward to the day that they get married, since that seems highly unlikely to ever happen but would really be something. Barry and Iris seem like they’re experiencing real happiness at the moment, and of course that’s the cue for Savatar – not to be confused with Solovar - to make his return. We’re still not too close to the end of the season, and so I wonder how quickly all this action is going to play out and what foes Barry and the team will face next.

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