Friday, March 10, 2017

What I’m Watching: Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete: Season 1, Episode 8 “The Roll Over” (B+)

It’s getting a bit hard to keep track of who’s conning who on this show, and throw in a hitman and a henchman and what you’ve got left is one bloody mess. At first, Lance seemed like a likeable enough guy, certainly not a threat or someone truly devious. Now, it seems like he’s fully committed to the con, even though we know that he doesn’t know as much as Pete believes he does. Yet he did jump at the opportunity to admonish Pete for running his own con when they made it look like he and the seller were in cahoots, and everything from that point on suggested that he was an unapologetic scumbag. Pete hiring Marjorie to play the real Pete’s mother was a neat trick, and it seems like it worked pretty well. Otto’s plan to have himself killed, something that I didn’t address last week, was all kinds of bad and inconvenient, and so far it looks like it’s led to just one unfortunate conclusion, and that’s the hitman being taken out by the equally threatening henchman sent to keep watch over Otto. Brendon seemed ready to kill Winslow, and I was pretty surprised that he cut him loose. I think that decision is going to turn out poorly, though Winslow also needs to be careful how much collateral damage he creates. There are only have two episodes left in this season, and I’m glad that this show was renewed a while ago for a second season, meaning that all the drama and intrigue won’t end here.

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