Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 3, Episode 13 “Chapter Fifty-Seven” (B+)

I like that this show, in following its storyline, manages to tie in little overarching themes to each episode. This hour included a humorous narrative about gender bias and Jane’s distrust of men in general, and how she got her voice back, both literally and figuratively, as she kept imagining each scene in a period setting. I was most pleased with the way one subplot that I didn’t like at first, Jane’s blockhead of a publisher who couldn’t be any more of a stereotype of everything she hated, turned out to be completely casual and not mind that Jane wasn’t taking his notes rather than completely eviscerating her for trying to make it in the business. I knew I recognized Abbey from somewhere but didn’t peg her as Minka Kelly from “Friday Night Lights” and “Charlie’s Angels,” though I think she’s pretty much off the show now thanks to her very boring nature that got her broken up with by Rafael instead of joining him in the Marbella. She did leave him a parting gift, though it’s possible that Petra is the one who will suffer the consequences. Seeing her get drunk and speak Czech before going over to Chuck’s poker night for a wild night was fun since we so rarely get to see her relax, though her ultimate confession to him about the bones didn’t go well. It’s nice that Jane decided to get rid of Carly rather than use the gossip she was spewing against Stacy, who I also couldn’t recognize but upon seeing the actress’ name, Yvonne Orji, I realized that she starred on a very different show late last year, “Insecure.” Bruce trying to help Xiomara and Rogelio make peace was noble, and he even managed to save his proposal when Rogelio, who is clearly sad to see the one get away again, interrupted with a truly terrible proposal of sorts of his own. Bring on the wedding and the inevitable objection!

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