Friday, March 3, 2017

Take Three: Legion

Legion: Season 1, Episode 3 “Chapter 3” (B+)

This show continues to be immensely, endlessly fascinating. This is definitely the show that I will recommend to anyone who asks me what show they should be watching right now, with the important caveat that it can be creepy and downright terrifying, so some people should steer clear. What’s most enticing about it – a hard choice, admittedly – is that it feels like an exploration of David’s abilities and limits that’s happening along with the audience. This show is marvelously skilled at not revealing anything that its characters don’t know, and the fact that Melanie and Ptonomy are scared by what they had no idea David could do is especially telling. David teleporting them through a solid wall while they were in the memory was an impressive start, and it was extremely worrisome to see the Eye reach out and almost touch the projection of David that was standing there and watching them. The bond between Syd and David is especially interesting since they care so much for each other but David is concerned that she’s going to be turned off if she really sees what he’s thinking. Lenny’s presence in his mind is quite dark, and it seems like she’s a voice for his buried thoughts and fears. Getting trapped in the memory with just David the child in there was crazy, and Melanie getting her hand slammed in the book was intense and scary. Ending with David still in the memory was quite the way to sign off, with no guarantee that he’ll be able to get out of his own memory unharmed.

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