Sunday, March 12, 2017

Take Three: Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies: Season 1, Episode 3 “Living the Dream” (B)

This show continues to be enormously interesting without providing all that many answers. We got one important, devastating nugget of information, which is that Jane doesn’t want to tell Ziggy what his father’s name is because he was conceived as a result of a rape. Her opening up to Madeline about it was a bit surprising considering that they’re not all that close, but I guess that Madeline has made it her personal mission to support this newcomer town to ensure that she gets a fair shake against the bully that is Renata. Planning an epic trip to go see “Frozen” on ice to rival Amabella’s party was a low move in a lot of ways, but Madeline isn’t going down without a fight when it comes to anything, especially her prized play. Abigail deciding to move in with her dad is a blow to Madeline, and I think she’s going to take it out on the world. At least Ed is being supportive, though his unfriendly encounter with Nathan didn’t help things at all. Bonnie doesn’t seem to be all that innocent either, as her dancing at the party was looked down on by several interviewees after the big murder we still don’t know much about. Celeste and Perry going to therapy was an intriguing development, especially since Perry pretty much confessed to physical abuse but managed to make it sound much sweeter and more harmless than it really is. Things may be improving slightly but they’re stuck in a volatile and unsafe cycle.

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