Sunday, March 5, 2017

What I’m Watching: Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete: Season 1, Episode 7 “Lieutenant Bernhardt” (B+)

There’s something so risky about the business that Marius is in, and therefore it’s a relief for those of us rooting for him that he went to prison to meet with the real Pete, get his new ID number, and make sure that all records reflected that he was in fact the real Pete stealing Marius Josipovic’s identity. It’s really clever when you think about it, and it helped to answer all questions that his family members had. Telling Carly the real story to cover up for the lie he accidentally acknowledged was especially cunning, and now it’s just a matter of his past catching up to him rather than his present. Detective Winslow stopping by Brendon and Katie’s and using their daughter as leverage hit close to home, but apparently it was much worse for Winslow than anyone else since Brendon choked him out and is now going to use him for whatever inventive purpose Pete has dreamt up. We haven’t had a chance to see Eddie in action before, and it was great to see him show off his skills for Vince, who is far from cool under pressure when things start to go wrong. Pete is doing a great job of making Lance look like the bad guy conning Audrey out of her money by making it seem like he too got taken, but based on what we saw of his real visit to track down that address, I think that he’s being set up as the villain when he’s really just another sucker.

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