Sunday, March 19, 2017

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 6, Episode 19 “Socalyalcon VI” (B)

I laughed a good deal throughout this episode, and I’d say that my only real objection to its quality is that Jess should have figured out long, long ago that she’s really the glue that’s holding the relationship between Nick and Reagan together. It’s true that Reagan wants Nick to succeed, but that’s more about him becoming a productive member of his society than him being happy. Her inability to answer Nick’s question about the book was the best and simplest demonstration of her involvement, whereas Jess throws herself into it wholeheartedly. Now I’m not sure it would really be any different for a friend, but the point is that she does have feelings for Nick that are not going away anytime soon. I think it will be easy enough for Reagan to leave and disappear from the show’s narrative completely, but I’m not sure what that accomplishes since we’ve already seen Jess and Nick together. I do believe that some of their time as a couple was the height of this show’s quality, but I don’t know about going down that road again. Schmidt becoming paranoid about the many points of entry to their new home was predictable, and locking them out of the house thanks to a complex electronic system is a frequent sitcom plotline that was made most entertaining here by the sight of him opening the door after getting in through the chimney. Winston trying to reveal secrets from his past failed miserably, and Aly definitely won that war with her storage unit full of stuff from the Asian game shows that enabled them to be completely unserious and distracted from their real-life work as police officers.

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