Monday, March 6, 2017

What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Season 7, Episode 11 “Hostiles and Calamities” (B-)

After a satisfyingly multifunctional episode last week, we’re back to this show’s standard style of focusing on just one person and their trajectory over the course of an hour. I liked Eugene when he was odd and awkward, and now he’s all alone and even more of that without being nearly as entertaining. I think that Abraham getting killed turned him into a much darker person, and now he’s hopeless to start any sort of resistance after volunteering his complicity in designing the bullet that hurt Lucille and nearly killed Negan. That opening shot of Negan silently holding his bat while Dwight was being beaten was powerful and effective, and then we got back to the nightly presentation of fear which found Negan interrogating the doctor, seemingly forgiving him after his confession, and then literally throwing him into the fire. The wives had a plan to get rid of Negan, and I wish that they had succeeded since this show needs to be able to move on to somewhere with a tiny sliver of hope that isn’t just canned pasta and tomato sauce as a backup to lobster and as many hours as Eugene wants to play videogames. He’s exactly the seed of resistance needed right now who could take down Negan without showing any emotion, and now that flicker is all but extinguished unless he’s playing the long game, which I can’t imagine that he is. I just hope we end the season with an epic takedown of Negan and the start of something new for the rest of our friends.

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