Friday, March 17, 2017

What I’m Watching: Homeland

Homeland: Season 6, Episode 8 “alt.truth” (C-)

A friend and colleague asked me yesterday whether I was still watching this show, and, ready for him to agree that it has gone so far downhill, I was shocked to hear him argue for how strong it is this season. Every episode, we’re reminded that this show is no longer about actual threats to the country and more about the broken inner workings of the system, with a heaping dose of family and mental drama mixed in. Now both Saul and Carrie have been made to look like fools by an ally they should never have trusted, and Keane was unwise to dismiss Carrie outright because she knows her history and should be well aware that she’s going to trigger a major relapse on her part, especially after Franny was taken away, a devastating reality Saul helped to mediate by showing and assuring her that she was safe. Quinn, on the other hand, continues to be number one distraction on this show, and there is no way that he could hold his breath underwater for a longer period of time then his would-be assassin was willing to wait given the state he’s in. It reminds me of the absurd scene in the movie “The Gunman” where Sean Penn’s protagonist literally passes out in the middle of a chase scene yet still manages to get the upper hand on his pursuers. To tie this show in to the real world again, I keep thinking that Jake Weber’s conspiracy theorist host Brett O’Keefe would be either not heard at all or brutally tweeted against by the president-elect, but the fact that Dar is working directly with them gives way to a whole new slate of unbelievable theories of collusion against those in power.