Saturday, March 18, 2017

What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Season 7, Episode 13 “Bury Me Here” (B-)

It seems to me that we are headed toward an inevitable conclusion to this entire Negan saga, in which everyone either bands together against the oppressive dictator or they become a casualty along the way. Each time we see Ezekiel the king brought down a couple hundred pegs by the unkind and disrespectful treatment by the Saviors, the likelihood that he will soon revolt against their oppression increases. It’s just as true that Morgan won’t be able to be nonviolent forever since he doesn’t exist in a world where others play by those rules, and while he can survive without resorting to violence, he won’t be able to protect others. I’ll admit that I didn’t expect him to beat Richard to death just to show how far he’s descended, but it’s all representative of the same general idea. People can only take so much before they either kill or are killed, particularly in a world overrun with zombies. Carol learning the truth was an important but also predictable moment, and I think we’ve been ambling along for way too long, and it’s about time we see some definitive and transformative action on the part of our main characters. The difference that remains between the “us” that constitutes everyone aside from those within Negan’s camp is that they still hold to different standards; they do what they need to do but not to excess and not punitively. It’s just a matter of how long they can last before they all explode like Morgan, and hopefully they’ll stop killing their owns and focus their efforts on the true threats.

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