Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Round Two: Trial and Error

Trial and Error: Season 1, Episodes 3 and 4 “The Other Man” and “An Unwelcome Distraction” (B)

This show is airing two episodes a week, and I feel like I’m enjoying it enough that I can stick with it throughout its run. It continues to be entertaining, with newly absurd facets of the case presented almost every minute. Larry’s brother-in-law having “Taken from us too soon…by Larry Henderson” written on his sister’s casket was hilarious, and just about everything in the legal system of this backwards town seems prejudiced against Larry and any hope of getting him off. Larry himself isn’t helping any, constantly insisting on providing information that will only help lead to his conviction, like a hit-and-run he got away with a year earlier, and celebrating being set free when it was just the latest hiccup in the case averted while he was, as Josh put it, very much still on trial for murder. I like that Josh managed to achieve a brief victory by getting into Carol Anne’s head after she tricked him into giving her a damning piece of evidence. Dwayne continues to provide his idiocy, though both he and Ann actually helped in a minor way with their contributions. It was disappointing to see Kevin Durand, who played a much more serious role on “Lost,” appear for just a brief couple of scenes before getting killed off, and I like the casting of Ginger Gonzaga as a murder-loving stalker who even managed to set off an alarm with Larry that there was something seriously wrong with her. I hope that we’ll see her again, and the sight of her trimming his hedges suggests we very well might.

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