Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What I’m Watching: You, Me, Her

You, Me, Her: Season 2, Episode 4 “Cat in the Box” (B)

Seeing characters do drugs on shows and in movies is rarely a positive sight, since it usually creates unserious comedy that dilutes from the project’s effectiveness. I remember reading about how great it was that, on “Six Feet Under,” the main players would just smoke and then go on with their lives, and while that is what happens here too, I don’t love that the young ones – Izzy, Nina, and Andy – all got so silly and stupid listening to Lori go on about her miserable life. There was enough in the way of ridiculousness already with Lori begging to be invited to girls’ night and then just complaining about how awful things were for her when she did show up. I don’t quite understand how Andy was allowed to attend, though he proved to be an effective bartender and is getting to a very good place with both Nina, who doesn’t want to confess her deep affection for him, and Izzy, who is doing considerably better than Jack in terms of feeling included in the relationship. His interaction with Ruby while he was out with the boys was wholly inappropriate, and I don’t think that feeling like a third wheel is any excuse for that. Coming home to find Emma and Izzy taking a bubble bath together was unfortunate, since it was innocent enough but was just about the worst thing that could have happened in the moment to make him feel once again like he was on the outside, sending him right to Ruby’s door, a choice that can’t possibly have positive consequences.

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