Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What I’m Watching: The Detour

The Detour: Season 2, Episode 6 “The Tournament” (B)

This wasn’t the best episode of the season, but it did still have some funny moments as the story progressed forward and we got an important link in the major investigation that’s been underway for the whole series into Nate and Robin’s behavior. The paternity test made things a little bit more serious because the hold that Nate and Robin have on their kids with their wild antics is tenuous enough as it is, and though Jareb wouldn’t really be able to understand it, it would still represent an unfortunate barrier to closeness. Fortunately, Nate is in fact his father, and he also managed to do a terrific job of taking down and beating up Carlos, whose accent is fake and whose lawyer was pretty sure that Nate could take him in a fight. I do love that, since Nate stopped paying attention after he was potty-trained, Jareb makes a big show of not only taking off all his clothes whenever he goes to the bathroom but also hanging them over the door of a public restroom. As usual, everyone is focused on Jareb and not on his sister, and her belt ceremony was the perfect time for Delilah to get out some of her anger, which of course made things seem very bad for Nate when people were only hearing part of the conversation. It’s going to take a lot for Nate to be able to trust Robin again, but something tells me they’ll get through it to arrive at the point that we see at the start of each episode. And now we’ve seen one of the interrogators moving in next door and drilling quite a bit, finally explaining how all this surveillance happened.

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