Saturday, March 18, 2017

What I’m Watching: Billions

Billions: Season 2, Episode 4 “The Oath” (B+)

I wrote just last week about the dangers of gloating in Axe’s presence. He doesn’t like to lose, but he hates being told that he’s lost even more than that. It was foolish from the start for Chuck to come along to the deposition, and Axe was made to realize right away from his newly-shaven lawyer that he could very easily get caught in a lie if he answered too arrogantly. What ended up happening was pretty fantastic, with Ira positioning Axe to have to admit that Chuck had hurt him either emotionally or mentally in order to get what he wanted. Unfortunately for Chuck, Axe got a call moments later that his dismissive treatment of someone’s faith-based ethics had cost him the NFL deal he so wanted and thought he had in the bag, and he’s going to blame Chuck for that. While I’m not sure that will hold up, it is a game-changer (purposeful pun!). I’m intrigued that Chuck knows – or at least thinks he knows, since it doesn’t appear to be true – that Brian betrayed him and hasn’t done anything about it, but I am finding the antics of that office to be less and less engaging. I did enjoy how Chuck literally startled Dollar Bill, who promptly started waving his arms in front of the computer so that the attorney couldn’t see what he was working on. Wags going back to Wendy for treatment at Axe’s behest is probably a positive development since it will rein him in from all of the craziness that has defined him lately.

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