Monday, March 13, 2017

What I’m Watching: Girls

Girls: Season 6, Episode 4 “Painful Evacuation” (B)

I was feeling very good about the start of this season, and then when this episode opened, it seemed like it was all going to be about Hannah interviewing a different person every week about their perspectives on life. Fortunately, that was just the introduction and not the meat of this episode, and instead we got back to simpler things like Hannah having a UTI. Of course, that’s not all she has, and her surprise encounter with Patrick Wilson’s doctor, who I can admit that I didn’t remember at all from his season two guest spot, but flashes of it are coming back now, gave her some very unexpected news which throws her entire future into question. I really don’t see Hannah as a mother, but I think that something about her encounter with Paul-Louis and the fact that it technically constituted her healthiest relationship, may inspire her to keep the baby. She’s certainly trying to decide what she wants more than Marnie, who spewed poetry in the middle of very unpassionate sex with Ray and then got blamed by a spiraling Desi for his entire addiction, and Jessa, who thinks it’s a good idea to encourage Adam to make his own movie after he quit what looked like a truly awful role. Ray’s having a rough time of it, realizing that his relationship with Marnie is completely vain and dominated by conversations about whether or not to take an Uber, while the things that really matter, like his friend Hermie’s death, come at him from out of nowhere to deal a crippling blow and reality check.

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