Friday, March 24, 2017

What I’m Watching: Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies: Season 1, Episode 5 “Once Bitten” (B)

There were a lot of flashes happening at the beginning and end of this episode, and a few throughout as well, and they’re not providing all that much information and absolutely no answers. We had our first bit of true danger with Madeline, who was confronted by the man who was ready to run away with her and then was involved in a pretty major car accident that luckily didn’t cause her any damage and didn’t even make anyone close to her wonder why she was in that car in the first place. Celeste reached an important point in her secret solo therapy when she acknowledged that Perry hurts her and started to realize that maybe it wasn’t right or something that she had to stay in, but hugging Perry so tightly when she went to surprise him with the kids at the airport didn’t show any more progress in that area. Jane outright lied to her new friends about her intentions with the father of her son, and it’s a good thing that she decided not to use that gun she brought with her even if she was pretty frenzied on her drive home, erratic enough to get herself pulled over. Ziggy didn’t cause any trouble in this episode, and in fact seemed perfectly content and elated to spend some extra time with his friend Chloe when Madeline picked them up from school, and it was Amabella’s turn to be seen as a child who might have some issues dealing with society by her extremely concerned parents who have little patience left for the way the situation at school is being handled.

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