Thursday, March 9, 2017

What I’m Watching: New Girl

New Girl: Season 6, Episode 18 “Young Adult” (B)

There are some storylines on this show that seem like they were destined for failure, or rather that their characters should have known how things were going to turn out. Jess’ ill-fated “princi-pal” campaign wasn’t going so well, and so naturally she would try to find any way to get her students to like her when she found out that they were obsessed with Nick’s inexplicably popular book. Bringing Nick in to talk to them was a mistake, and his revealing that they used to date didn’t help matters at all. Losing all her credibility was unfortunate, and she worked to get it back in a huge way that ended up succeeding and resulting in an apology that humorously included one of Nick’s misconceptions about life, that the word is actually “upmost,” for which he made a strong and hilarious case. Using magnetic words to inspire his writing was funny too, and his writing process really is absurd. Schmidt hiring an assistant who didn’t have a clip-on tie and was just like he used to be ended up being all too fitting, and Jeremy did feel a bit exaggerated, entering Schmidt’s home to leave a coffee in his fridge and then showing up with caricatures of all the loftmates he had never met drawn on their coffee cups. Winston and Cece discovering that Ferguson had been living a double life as Sweatshirt, their very deranged neighbor’s cat, was an unexpected and entertaining subplot that I’d say is probably the best use of Ferguson that we’ve seen yet.

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