Thursday, March 9, 2017

What I’m Watching: The Detour

The Detour: Season 2, Episode 3 “The Tub” (B+)

This show is hilarious. Even if its plot isn’t always the most sensible or linear, its lines and its themes are really very funny. I don’t think that anything in this episode topped Delilah running around yelling “cockblock” like a chicken and epitomizing the word to the utmost (or upmost, if you’re ready my other reviews) effect. That said, I also enjoyed her insistence on being involved in the friendship between Jareb and the neighbor he’s in love with, rebutting his claim that there’s no such thing as a three-wheeled bicycle and then contradicting three’s a crowd with three’s company. Tying this all in to Robin wanting to have another baby was fantastic, and stopping in the middle of potentially irresponsible sex to browse some very slow wi-fi was just one of the great moments, including Robin responding to “I want a vasectomy” with “I want a crib.” The walls being thin only makes the drama in the apartment all the more extreme, and I think they’ve been through more than enough after what happened to Nate, which I can’t really describe on this blog. The camera angle when Delilah and Jareb entered the room was particularly disturbing, and I came close to throwing up along with those on screen. I liked the casting of Marceline Hugot, who I know best as Gladys from “The Leftovers,” as Judith, the neighbor who was somehow forty-eight weeks pregnant and whose water broke just from Nate touching her, a situation that he only made worse by continuing to dwell on the absurdity of her still being pregnant.

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