Saturday, March 4, 2017

What I’m Watching: Life in Pieces

Life in Pieces: Season 2, Episode 15 “Awkward Bra Automated Ordained” (B)

I like when characters that don’t often interact get a chance to share scenes. While we’ve definitely seen Matt and Jen together before, it’s usually with their partners, who tend to be people-pleasers, in tow. Jen didn’t waste any time in trying to make up an excuse to get out of having dinner with just Matt, and he went along with it because I don’t think he enjoys social interaction with family any more than she does. The fact that they both ended up at the same bookstore just doing anything other than spending time together, and as a result they had a blast trying to highlight Matt’s book while Jen made the bookstore owner read every single title they sold to her in alphabetical order to buy time by threatening to shop at Amazon. Of course Heather and Tim would be against the societal institution of being overcharged at sporting events for food, and coopting their daughter to sneak in alcohol in her bra was a bit much. I think the ending of Tim appearing like he was leaking was a pretty predictable ending but it was entertaining nonetheless. Greg has a habit of getting way too into things, and the enthusiasm with which he got into automation of the house was certainly excessive, and locking Jen out of the house to the point that she was going to be ready to be changed demonstrated how far he had gone. I think that the non-marriage of Joan and John is one of this show’s weaker recurring storylines, and therefore I wasn’t very into the final segment of this hour.

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