Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What I’m Watching: Humans

Humans: Season 2, Episode 3 (B+)

We learned something very important at the start of this episode, which is that Dr. Morrow has a daughter in a coma and, it seems, she is trying to revive with her artificial intelligence invention. Her husband, or ex, is obviously much readier to move n than she is, and it’s a constant source of conflict between the two of them. That final shot at the end of the episode confirmed that V was somehow created from her daughter, picturing a memory captured in the picture that Dr. Morrow was staring at. It appears that Dr. Morrow is closest to finding our sentient synths, realizing that Leo is George’s son and that he’s still alive. It’s interesting to see the groups of synths react to their prisoner’s disappearance, and, most intriguing, one of them didn’t come along. Anita deciding to stay behind because she said she cares for a human and likes him more than anything she’s ever seen or heard or touched, quite the romantic line, was a great development, and let’s just hope her brief happiness with Ed isn’t ruined by the café visitor who spied them holding hand sthrough the window. Niska wasn’t doing a great job at first of seeming human, but as soon as Laura realized that the club music was triggering something for her, she figured out the best way to show her humanity by asking her a question she couldn’t respond to the right way with her expressions but instead with her words. Karen and Pete’s relationship is going well, and the sudden bursting of her bag made things a lot more serious and dangerous for both of them.

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