Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What I’m Watching: Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 2, Episode 13 “Land of the Lost” (B+)

I, for one, am very glad that Rip is back. I wasn’t too fond of this whole plotline in which his memory was manipulated to turn him into a villain, and I’m happy to report that the episode in which he found himself again was actually the best installment of this show in a while. Only on this show would Gideon the computer manifest as a beautiful woman appealing to every member of the crew (and portrayed by the actress who voices her, Amy Pemberton) and then somehow remember making out with Rip just before his mind was collapsing. I enjoyed Sara telling Jax that they were going to have to “kick our own asses,” and it was cool to see Rip have powers of his own within his mind as he slowly found his way back to himself. It was triumphant comeback for the captain, who nearly got the ship blown up before its epic crash in the snow. There’s no argument that Amaya communing with a dinosaur was awesome, and it’s understandable that Nate wants to pursue a relationship with her, especially considering her sudden flirtatiousness, despite Ray’s warnings that she needs to return to the timeline eventually so that she can have a granddaughter and fulfill her destiny that sets her apart from the rest of these timeless legends that history won’t miss. As if the stakes weren’t high enough, somehow our friend Eobard Thawne, who was clever enough to think of everything but corrupting artificial intelligence, has put himself in a position to affect who gets launched into space. That’s going to be intense.

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