Saturday, March 11, 2017

What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Season 7, Episode 12 “Say Yes” (B-)

There are certain episodes of this show that I’d describe as “hunter-gatherer” installments where all the characters just scavenge around through the abandoned devastation of the world to find things and nearly get killed by walkers. Usually, such hours don’t involve much action or plot progression, and I don’t think this episode was an exception. Rick nearly getting eaten by a whole pack of walkers could have been a monumental, game-changing development, but we got that fake-out with Glenn a while back and it wasn’t worth it. Michonne froze for a good few seconds after that, and fortunately Rick emerged from his hiding place and got to throw her famous sword at her for a bizarre action moment that felt out of place on this show. Every once in a while, characters invoke names of the dead to remind us of their existence, and for me it’s more of a signal of better days in the past rather than continued quality now. We’ve seen Rosita and Sasha amp up to go after Negan before, and let’s hope that this finally does something. I’m getting tired of broken sentences between Rick and his new friend Jadis and celebrating small victories like renegotiating their deal to ensure their survival until they find more guns. We have four more episodes left in this season, and I’d like to see a dramatic shift in pace and a redirection of the story trajectory towards everyone going in guns blazing against Negan, taking out the biggest threat they’ve ever faced and coming out the other side with a tiny bit of hope.

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