Friday, March 24, 2017

What I’m Watching: Billions

Billions: Season 2, Episode 5 “Currency” (B)

I’ll admit, I didn’t exactly follow what happened in this episode and who was playing who. Axe is all about risking it all for a huge return, and he nearly got screwed over – I think – by one of his former allies, and then managed to bait his other friends-slash-enemies into sticking with it to ensure he could still make a boatload of money. Not telling Boyd about his impending arrest after he found out was a calculated move, and he managed to get the upper hand with Chuck by telling him that he definitely expected to see more of Chuck arresting people with him looking on and getting to walk away. I’m not sure why we needed so much time devoted to Wags on his personal journey back to a place of soundness and mental fitness, and anyone should have been able to realize that he was feeling inferior because he was no longer Axe’s only right-hand man. It was jarring to see Axe exhibit such cruelty towards Lara, someone he has always supported up to this point, and I think it’s something that she’s not going to soon get over since he clearly doesn’t want her to be successful, certainly not as much as him. Despite the church status update, it doesn’t seem that the world’s least friendly and social internal auditor Oliver is really headed anywhere with his case, still determined to find a smoking gun that may not be there in the way he wants it to be if he hasn’t been able to stumble upon it yet.

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