Thursday, March 16, 2017

What I’m Watching: The Catch (Season Premiere)

The Catch: Season 2, Episode 1 “The New Deal” (B)

I almost forgot entirely about this show, one of the midseason surprises from last year, and it’s nice to have it back. I’m not sure I’m totally on board with all of its developments, but it’s undeniably fun. Ben surrendering himself to serve his three to five years in prison wasn’t nearly as simple as he wanted it to be, with the government offering him the chance to get out right away and go undercover and his old pal Reese, who is suddenly one of the good guys, getting him stabbed so that he could break out of prison. I don’t think that Margot engineering a hostile takeover negates the fact that Reese is a violent psychopath who shouldn’t be trusted and certainly shouldn’t be given the information about Ben’s undercover assignment. After a season of playing cat and mouse, Agent Dao is now firmly on the side of Anderson Vaughan, but now we have Agent Justine Diaz, played by Gina Torres of “Firefly” fame, to go toe-to-toe with the private investigators and continue the dance. I’m less taken with the other new character, Alice’s brother Tommy, played by Shonda Rhimes regular T.R. Knight, who seems like bad news all around and ready to make lots of trouble for everyone involved. Margot showing up asking for Alice’s help at the end of the episode was quite the twist, and I really am curious to see exactly what she wants to propose and in what way they’re going to be able to work together.

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