Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What I’m Watching: Legion

Legion: Season 1, Episode 5 “Chapter 5” (B+)

The scope of David’s powers is still unknown, and there was something incredibly theatrical about the way that he marched through the facility where Amy was being held performing for the cameras, taking out a whole group of guards with nothing more than a wave of his hand. What Cary identified in this episode is very important since it recognizes the terrifying man we’ve seen before in David’s mind as another mutant who somehow was separated from his consciousness and now exists as part of David to wreak havoc and destruction. It seems that Lenny is one of his forms, and it was downright scary to see her show up and then morph into something much more frightening when Syd tried to flee the moment with David to his white place. It’s incredible that he can just disappear into an imaginary getaway when a bullet is coming and that he and Syd have gotten so close, eager to be devious together wearing black, planning rescue missions, and going to invented realities where they can touch and have sex. This show continues to have excellent, purposeful lighting and terrific cinematography, and they’re complemented well by oddly subdued scenes like the one featuring David singing “The Rainbow Connection.” Cary and Kerry healing each other was a cool process, and I’m glad that they’re already action-ready. The transition from red strawberries in David’s white place to Kerry’s bloody wound was very effective, and this show’s music continues to be superb. Ending the episode with Syd trapped in some weird hell of her own with Lenny as the doctor leading group therapy is disconcerting, and I’m worried about how susceptible those other than David are to the menacing aspects of his mind.

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