Thursday, April 7, 2022

What I’m Watching: Atlanta

Atlanta: Season 3, Episode 3 “The Old Man and the Tree” (B+)

This show always feels a bit like a dream, and sometimes like a nightmare. This episode was more the former, but there were still some seriously strange things going on. Showing up to a run-down building that was allegedly owned by a very rich man felt like it couldn’t be right, but then, after walking through a few extremely messy rooms, they got to the hidden luxury within the decoy house. It was fascinating to follow the three conversations that ensued from there as each of our male protagonists got a peek into the wild world they were visiting. Alfred was wowed by the presence of a Nando’s and then enjoyed getting to talk with Fernando (apparently not the namesake of the food establishment), but he wasn’t so happy after he beat him in poker and then had to search for him to get his $40,000. He found a rather blunt way of getting what he thought he deserved, which humorously involved taking some of the party favors from unsuspecting guests. Earn wasn’t into the idea of taking advantage of Will but was brought to see the light and ultimately agreed to a deal that may not work out in the end for him. Darius was not nearly as fazed by the experience of casual racism that he had as the white people around him who sought to exact revenge on his behalf, and his attempt to warn the offending party not to gleefully identify herself was unsuccessful. Van didn’t seem to be very present but did have a blast pushing multiple people into the pool, including that last individual who nearly drowned because she couldn’t swim.

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