Friday, April 8, 2022

What I’m Watching: Big Sky

Big Sky: Season 2, Episode 14 “Dead Man's Float” (C+)

This episode wasn’t as bad as previous installments this season, if only because Ronald is actually, finally dead and Scarlet is in the wind, a thread to surely be picked up again later but possibly forgotten. We got to meet a new set of characters in the wake of one of their family member’s deaths. Continuing this show’s trend of hiring great talent, the latest addition is Dallas Roberts, who has starred in series like “The L Word” and “The Good Wife” and now plays a far less friendly father who is actively mourning his son and not happy to cooperate with anyone investigating his death. Jenny’s closeness to the case doesn’t help, nor does Cassie’s very understandable absence. It’s a good time for Jerrie to return, even if she’s more focused on working out whether there’s a romantic future with Mark even though he told her that he and Cassie have something going on. They could have accompanied Jenny on her reckless solo mission to confront Jenny, one that is now going to leave her as a prisoner for Ren and Jag, with Travis there to potentially save her (her survival seems inevitable because she is the star of the show, after all). Jag may not be sincere about the partnership he’s proposing with his sister, but Donno and a woman she abducted earlier this season, Tonya, are fiercely loyal to her and will defend her in whatever battle for control of the family dynasty is sure to ensue soon. I haven’t previously been overly fond of Poppernak, but I did enjoy just how much he was irritating Tubb with his fun facts and other corrections.

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