Friday, April 8, 2022

What I’m Watching: WeCrashed

WeCrashed: Season 1, Episode 5 “Hustle Harder” (B+)

This episode was much more about Rebekah’s role in the company than Adam’s, and it looks like it can definitely be alienating to be the one on the sidelines. Adam was busy traveling all around the world dealing with some very particular issues in international locations, and his creative solutions mostly worked, even if they’re not all that permanent. He’ll have his own reckoning soon, likely with O-T Fagbenle’s Cameron Lautner, who continues to express to Bruce how unimpressed he is with Adam’s recklessness. But for now, we got to see how Rebekah reacted to not being acknowledged as an equal partner in the business, with her office being used as a spare conference room and being told to move and get out of the shot on the red carpet. Going to HR to tell them to fire people she didn’t like seemed like a problematic process, though we didn’t see whether Adam had any input in that. What was far more startling was how, after she confronted Elishia about her suspicions that she had only befriended her to increase her chances of getting a job at WeWork, she went ahead and took Elishia’s position from her moments before a photoshoot where everyone organizing it was just as confused about what was happening. Elishia was rightfully furious about having her job usurped after she left her own company, and though she’s not likely going to be able to do anything about it, the resentment and betrayal that she feels will surely impact WeWork going forward.

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