Friday, April 8, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey (Penultimate Episode)

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey: Season 1, Episode 5 “Nina” (B+)

It’s really jarring to see Ptolemy doing so well and functioning so clearly now after the way we first met him, and it’s also so interesting and informative to see how those in his orbit treat him now that he appears to have regained his faculties. Talking to Robyn as if they could be a couple prompted a very logical response from her: that it might have been if he was fifty years younger and she was twenty years older (Samuel L. Jackson is actually 73, playing 93, while Dominique Fishback is 31). Asking Robyn if she was going to call the bus company to get a schedule when she insisted on looking the times up on her phone was a humorous indication that maybe Ptolemy isn’t so with it in the present, but he quickly proved that to be wrong. Though he didn’t remember his old friend dying fifteen years ago when he was talking to his son, he responded in exactly the right way, and he was very deliberate about wanting to talk about his will with Robyn there and with it on the record that he was of sound mind. Robyn was spoked by the idea of cashing the one coin in for $17 million and turning it into a trust account, probably because that would mean an acknowledgement that Ptolemy might soon be gone, and also because it’s a grave amount of responsibility. Gathering everyone – even the doctor he calls Satan – together for a big meeting had an air of mystery and ultimately was a sobering letdown since he got stuck at the end, not quite lost in the same way as he was previously but still prone to a disorienting regression.

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