Saturday, April 2, 2022

What I’m Watching: Better Things

Better Things: Season 5, Episode 6 “San Francisco” (B+)

It’s interesting to see Sam in a different light, doing her best to direct a very obnoxious and untalented child who is method enough to demand that he only be referred to on-set by his character name and who isn’t able to take the slightest note while still sticking to his hard out times that affect the rest of the production. A particularly interesting moment was when Ron, who is playing a version of the warm person he is in real life, snapped at her, unhappy to be given advice on playing a character that he knew much more about than Sam did, and he was more gracious and polite when he acknowledged it later when she asked if they were okay. Lena Waithe also had an amusing part, one that mostly found her making faces but also refusing to help Sam feel okay about being a white woman who still got the gig. Sam was not at all pleased that Phil was at the bar and sending her a drink, but it did turn out to be something appealing, and even if she needed some time away for herself, it doesn’t look like she’s going to get it. It was hilarious to see Max morph into mom mode when she came home to find Duke not taking care of the house and then forced her and Pepper to come out and enjoy the last of Pepper’s time there. Max did admit that being a mom was serious business, a minor victory that Sam would surely relish more if she wasn’t almost immediately distracted by the nagging presence of her own mother.

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