Saturday, April 2, 2022

What I’m Watching: Snowpiercer (Season Finale)

Snowpiercer: Season 3, Episode 10 “The Original Sinners” (B+)

Well, this episode really changed things, and then we got a hint of new threats to come at the very end with a slight time jump. Melanie quickly established herself as the villain and was ready to head to war with Layton, and she was even willing to meet with Wilford to figure out whether he was best positioned as an ally. He didn’t waste much time in trying to prove how his ruthlessness has endured, and his new Iceman was a terrifying giant who nearly felled Ruth as she ran away from him in heels before getting a crucial assist from above. Fortunately, Melanie and Layton did manage to reach a compromise, though it’s always dangerous to keep a man like Wilford alive since, even if he’s not conscious and doesn’t have any resources, he can always return to rally his supporters by promising a return to the good old days, regardless of whether he was actually responsible for them (and if they were indeed all that good). As the train was ready to divide – a cool concept that really did feel like the best solution – there were plenty of couple reunions, with Ben and Melanie back together, and Layton and Josie, and even Till and Audrey, though they cut it very close before Till decided she needed to be with her above the mission that mattered so much. LJ choking to death on her father’s eyeball was a bizarre but humorous subplot, essentially telling us that nefarious elements may no longer remain on either train. Arriving to a warm place where they could all go inside and breathe the air for the first time in years was a poignant moment, and all did seem like it might be great. Though the fireworks at the end appeared to be celebratory flares, there were definitely missiles inside, so there’s obviously unrest that might be coming from an entirely new place. I’ll admit that I’m intrigued, and while this season had some slow points, the show is improving substantially and I’ll be happy to board season four.

Season grade: B
Season MVP: Alison Wright as Ruth

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