Monday, April 4, 2022

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 8, Episode 9 “Phantoms” (B)

Iris has seemed very distant lately and that sentiment is only likely to increase given Deon’s grim prognosis following his research, but it was good to see her get out of town and have her mind occupied by something else. I was personally thrilled to see Sue, since I always thought she was a great character and worried that she might no longer be involved due to the issues involving the actor who portrayed Ralph. It was fun to see her in this different context, going around to check on her various tenants and offering five-star luxury stays to whoever was lucky enough to get to accompany her. Allegra wanted to come, but Iris definitely needed it, and I suspect that Tinya will soon become the newest member of Team Flash after she realizes that Iris really does only want to help her. Back at Star Labs, this was a more horror-like episode with Chester being haunted by what he thought was a literal ghost of his father and turned out to more predictably be a meta who fed off the grief that Chester was emitting. I know that it was only a flash-forward to a different future, but I’m still wondering when Chester and Allegra are going to officially get together, or whether they’re destined just to be best friends in this timeline. I’m also curious if what Iris is going through is somehow related to the meta serial killer an whether that’s going to come into play down the road.

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