Tuesday, April 5, 2022

What I’m Watching: Minx

Minx: Season 1, Episode 6 “A feminist with frisson” (B+)

I’m having a hard time reading Glenn, and that could because actor Michael Angarano has played two characters who have gone through complicated waves, on “Will and Grace” and “This Is Us.” When he had his name chanted and set out to cover Joyce’s press conference, he transformed from the pompous and condescending chauvinist we met in the first episode to someone who didn’t necessarily want to publicly support her but also bore no ill will against her. In this episode, he was all about helping her, offering her up somebody who wasn’t the right fit for what he needed but could be exactly right for him. It turns out that there are those more like her than she thought, who upon learning of a magazine with naked photos in it would feel that it shouldn’t exist even if it does allow an avenue for feminism. Some of their ideas were even more radical and woke than a lot of what’s commonplace now, like the concept that all marriage is rape, and ending the episode with a book burning ceremony of sorts on a college campus was not a great look. Shelly and Bambi also ended up in unexpected territory when they got arrested for distributing pornography too close to a school, and it was interesting to see how the two of them both reacted to it. I’m particularly curious about Shelly’s unwillingness to stay in the work world after she goes home. The dynamic that Doug and Tina have continues to be extremely compelling, and I like that she always knows what he’s going to do before he does. Richie was typically clever and seemed the most at ease with finding a new home for the returned magazines.

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