Tuesday, April 5, 2022

What I’m Watching: Minx

Minx: Season 1, Episode 5 “Just relaying news about a wayward snake” (B+)

For all his efforts to try to empower Joyce and help her achieve the version of her vision that he believes is possible, Doug isn’t always great at walking the walk, talking so much when Joyce was just waiting to get a word in that he didn’t get the benefit of her getting to share what she had noticed and accomplished. It’s been more than two decades since Al Sapienza played Mikey Palmice in the first season of “The Sopranos,” yet he’s a great go-to choice for someone in the mafia with a relatable personality that hides a far more violent side that could emerge at any moment. Having to physically rip out the pages with the article about birth control was hardly a sustainable solution, and it was understandable that those involved with the other magazines got upset with Minx for getting too much attention and focus from Doug and Tina. The storming of the photoshoot was quite intense, and it was great to see Tina take charge and chastise everyone, figuring out a way to knock Minx down a peg while still allowing them to get their jobs done. Bambi was the other MVP of the office, stepping in when everyone else was freaking out about the snake to calmly go pick it up without any hesitation. Joyce was trying so hard to figure out her own creative and forward-thinking take on the David, and it was nice to see that, through it all, her brilliant team figured out the perfect interpretation to show her when she got back.

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