Sunday, April 3, 2022

What I’m Watching: Mr. Mayor

Mr. Mayor: Season 2, Episode 3 “Trampage” (B+)

This episode featured one of my favorite things to see on TV, which is characters who don’t normally interact spending a lot of time together. Arpi getting caught obsessively buying lottery tickets by Tommy led to him unintentionally ruining the thrill she got from her vice, even though she managed to win $1000 in just one night. His hidden habit was admittedly much weirder, but on a show like this that constantly pushes the bounds of reality by tapping into the things that might be true even if they’re really not, it made so much sense. I’ve definitely purchased my fair share of Rae Dunn mugs as gifts for other people and see their appeal. Since I do love my Jayden moments, I have to make mention of his belief that “Brath” must be some god he was supposed to be praying to rather than just a weird way of saying “breath.” Neil coming to Mikaela with questions about online dating was not a great move, even if she did point out to him that he was being swarmed by bots trying to get his passwords. I loved the casting of Fran Drescher as Angelica Masters, the actress with a very particular niche who was quite interested to meet with Neil when he reached out. That his failure to respond led to her calling an actor with a similar career focus played by Peter Gallagher was very funny. Ending the episode with an ad where she listed all the things she would never ask anyone for was fantastic.

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