Monday, April 4, 2022

What I’m Watching: This Is Us

This Is Us: Season 6, Episode 10 “Every Version of You” (B+)

It’s very sweet to see the close relationship that Rebecca and Randall have had over the years, and to hear Rebecca say that it started even while Jack was still alive. Her insistence that she come with him when he left to drive to Boston even after he lashed out with a comment about how she wanted Kate to make all the decisions for her showed her dedication to him, and she was able to calmly offer him plenty of advice on their road trip, which included a pleasant stop at a diner and a bar that allowed them to form some endearing memories. It also gave Déjà the distance she needed in order to work through things with Malik and then not be unhappy with Randall when he arrived. Malik thanking Randall for being his mentor was very mature, and I liked what Randall said back to him about how it might end up coming around again in the future if it’s meant to be. Randall talking the cop out of pressing charges was impressive, but I liked his instantaneously successful effort to get his siblings in the pool with him years earlier even more. I don’t know how much of his career we’ll get to see, but dreaming of and achieving big things would hardly be a surprise. Now that this trio of episodes is done, we got a tease of Kate telling Toby she can’t come to San Francisco, and I’m glad that we get eight weeks of new episodes to wrap this show up.

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