Thursday, July 16, 2015

Emmy Nominees: Best Directing for a Comedy Series

My predictions: 1/6, picking only “Sleepover” and the wrong episode of “Transparent”

I'm not quite sure what all the hype is for The Last Man on Earth and especially the one installment of it that I watched, “Alive in Tucson,” which was the pilot. Louie always gets whatever episode it submits nominated, and this year that's “Sleepover.” Just like last year, Silicon Valley got its season premiere, “Sand Hill Shuffle,” recognized. I'm thrilled to see Veep finally appreciated in this category, particularly for such a brilliantly-choreographed installment as “Testimony.” I didn't love the episode of Transparent that's recognized here, the flashback-focused “Best New Girl,” but it was well-directed and a strong representation of the show at its most piercing.

Who should win? “Testimony” or “Sand Hill Shuffle”
Who will win? I think it will actually be Alive in Tucson.

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