Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What I'm Watching: Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie: Season 1, Episode 11 “The Secrets” (C+)

I wasn't too fond of this installment, which focused a lot on secrets and their coming to light but didn't otherwise do much productive. I'm not sure why, but Craig T. Nelson's Guy hasn't been much of an addition to the series, initially an intriguing figure who was all about courting Grace and now just someone who's there who doesn't add any real value. His understandable jealousy over Timothy V. Murphy's Byron, who has seemed far more illustrious than Guy recently, makes sense but just wasn't too worthwhile a plotline. I more enjoyed his passive interactions with an anxious and offended Frankie, who had a problem with his Ambien eating (something I've never experienced) and general lack of memory or care about diminishing or using her food or supplies. That his relationship with Grace is an intensifying is probably not a bad thing since they're both at a point where they could settle down, but I think Grace's general mode is a bit too frenetic and Frankie-filled to enable her to be safely domestic. Robert so casually dismissing the fact that he slept with another man in the midst of their decades-long affair wasn't terribly believable, and the fact that Sol made a big deal of it was totally legitimate. At least Robert had the common sense and decency to dismiss his guests enough to be able to work through it with his new life partner. I very much enjoyed Bud and Coyote crashing Brianna's date and the fact that her underling more than held his own opposite severe scrutiny and excessive immaturity.

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