Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Emmy Predictions: Best Directing for a Drama Series

The 67th Primetime Emmy Awards nominations will be announced on Thursday, July 16th. As always, chime in below in the comments with any thoughts of your own.

Last year’s nominees: Farewell Daddy Blues (Boardwalk Empire), Felina (Breaking Bad), Episode 1 (Downton Abbey), The Watchers on the Wall (Game of Thrones), Chapter 14 (House of Cards), Who Goes There (True Detective)

The contenders:
Episode 1 (The Affair)
Bingo (Better Call Saul)
Five-O (Better Call Saul)
Uno (Better Call Saul)
Part 1 (Bloodline)
Eldorado (Boardwalk Empire)
Episode 9 (Downton Abbey)
Pilot (Empire)
Hardhome (Game of Thrones)
Mother's Mercy (Game of Thrones)
13 Hours in Islamabad (Homeland)
Chapter 28 (House of Cards)
Chapter 39 (House of Cards)
The Promise (Justified)
Method and Madness (The Knick)
Pilot (The Leftovers)
Lost Horizon (Mad Men)
Person to Person (Mad Men)
What Kind of Day Has It Been (The Newsroom)
40 Oz. Of Furlough (Orange is the New Black)
Low Self Esteem City (Orange is the New Black)
Thirsty Bird (Orange is the New Black)
We Have Manners. We're Polite (Orange is the New Black)
Papa's Goods (Sons of Anarchy)

The predicted nominees: Eldorado (Boardwalk Empire), Episode 1 (The Affair), Episode 9 (Downton Abbey), Hardhome (Game of Thrones), Chapter 39 (House of Cards)

The predicted winner: “Eldorado”

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