Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What I’m Watching: Dark Matter

Dark Matter: Season 1, Episode 7 “Episode Seven” (B+)

This is exactly the kind of episode that I’ve been waiting for, once that inserts just a few new faces into the mix to shake up the regular dynamic. I’m never sure just what to make of this show’s tone, which is often jarringly comical in a way that doesn’t feel right, but it overall does make it sufficiently entertaining. I was surprised to recognize Ruby Rose, who at the point I’m at in season three of “Orange is the New Black” almost has a background part as Stella, as Wendy, the entertainment model android who really livened things up for most of the crew. Interestingly, Three was preoccupied with a woman of his own, someone who actually thought he was a good person and made him care more than we’ve ever seen before. That made One that one that got attracted to Wendy and had no qualms about using her for some uncomplicated sexual recreation when Two rejected him, which was quite awkward, and unfortunately triggered her revenge setting that resulted in her getting decapitated and still working hard to kill the crew as they hurtled towards the center of a star. Some solid teamwork helped to prevent that, and I like that everyone is managing to get along in the middle of a crisis. Wendy helped to show some smiles from people we didn’t know possessed emotions like happiness, namely Four, and the way that they enjoyed their food was a delight. It was amusing and uncomfortable to watch the Android get jealous of Wendy and then impressive to see her take the high road, only to be shot for her kindness. I like that the episode ended with Two stopping by One’s room to revisit their earlier conversation with an immensely different outcome.

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