Sunday, July 12, 2015

What I'm Watching: Sense8

Sense8: Season 1, Episode 6 “Demons” (B+)

I'm pleased to see that the individual plotlines of all of these characters are proceeding along and we're getting many more interactions between each of the eight as they meet each other, delving into deeper conversations that get at the heart of what their connection really is. The most memorable scene of the episode was the one that featured many of them and very few clothes, a graduation from last episode's sing-along to a full-blown orgy that happened to take place while a few of our characters were in the middle of having sex with their respective partners. It didn't discriminate, as even those who are not part of the eight, such as Lito's gay porn-loving show girlfriend, still got to have a good time. Situations are certainly getting dire for the likes of Sun, who is facing a severe prison sentence for protecting her brother, and Riley, who nearly got asphyxiated but was saved by Will's bar-set choking escape. Capheus is on a mission unlike anything he's done before, and it's good to see him as a pure symbol of goodness. I'm also feeling interested for the first time in Kala's storyline, as she once again encounters Wolfgang, who reminds her that she does not really want this marriage, and then sees her new husband, who is overcome with joy that she fainted during the wedding, seeing it as a beautiful story rather than an unfortunate memory that should be perceived as a negative sign that they shouldn't be spending their lives together. It's too early to see how much being one of these eight allows for romance, but the previously mentioned orgy suggests that it's an acceptable part of the program.

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